Robotic Mower Accessories

Let your Husqvarna Automower® robotic mower match your lifestyle. We offer a range of tasteful, high quality accessories designed to enhance your product.

Effective lighting kit that allows you to see the product work even in the dark. The head lights also communicates error state.

Keeps the driving wheels clean to maintain improved traction.

Kit containing heavy rear wheels and wheel brushes for excellent traction on sloping lawns. Suits Automower® 315

Kit containing course threaded wheels and wheel brushes for excellent traction on rough and sloping lawns. Suits Automower® 320, 330X, 430X, 450X

Husqvarna Automower® has been engineered to work in all conditions. To maintain its elegant finish, the matching Husqvarna Automower® House protects against the long-term effects of rain and sun exposure. Thanks to the foldable top, the mower keypad and display are easy to access while the mower is charging. All wire connections can be reached through the cable hatch on the back. Suits Automower® 430X and 450X

Automower® Connect (available on App Store and Google play) gives you full control of your Husqvarna Automower® at all times. After the dealer has installed this accessory in the robotic mower you are able to start, stop and park it, view and change the mower settings as well as receive alarms and track the mower’s GPS position – with your smartphone, wherever you are. GPS tracking and fault messages via SMS are available also for non-smartphone users.

Installation kits that includes Loop Wire, Staples, Splicers and Connectors in different numbers and length, suitable for your garden. Kit Small - Suitable for open lawn areas of max 800 m2 or complex lawn areas of max 400 m2. Kit Medium - Suitable for open lawn areas of max 2000 m2 or complex lawn areas of max 1000 m2. Kit Large - Suitable for open lawn areas of max 5000 m2 or complex lawn areas of max 2500 m2.

Increases the signal strength to a sufficient level in long loop wire installations.

Loop wire is used as a guide and boundary reference for the Automower®.

Boundary / Guide Wire Connector.

To hold boundary / guide wire in place.

Replacement blade kit for your Automower®

Used to splice loop wire.

A special carry bag to facilitate manual transport of your Automower® between lawns.

Stocked Brands

  • Husqvarna
  • Rover
  • Cub Cadet
  • MTD
  • Honda
  • Masport
  • Morrison
  • Red Gum
  • Kawasaki
  • Brigs and Straton
  • Yamaha
  • Billy Goat